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The Development Trend of Artificial Grass in the Past 15 years

Step by Step How to Install Synthetic Turf

The Development Trend of Artificial Grass in the Past 15 years

 Market Overview

Why the Growth? There are several factors contributing to the increased demand for synthetic turf, including significantly improved safety, playability, and appearance since its introduction. Other factors include: Proliferation of multi use athletic fields, with durability a key factor in increased utilization; Growing demand for synthetic turf in residential and commercial landscape, golf, municipal parks, airports, highway medians, and many other applications; Lower annual operating and maintenance costs; Favorable environmental aspects ‐ eliminating water usage, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, and utilizing recycled auto tires for the infill; Extension of the playing seasons for all sports, and the ability to use the surface in all weather conditions.

Today the use of synthetic turf surfaces for multi‐purpose areas is increasingly popular with sports clubs, schools, colleges and local communities. A multi‐ purpose surface is ideal when, for example, there is limited space available or when different sports need to be played on the same pitch. Ideally each sport should be played on specifically designed artificial turf pitches to provide players with the optimal playing and performance characteristics. However, financial considerations, space availability, durability characteristics and player safety criteria will dictate the choice for a multi‐purpose surface. When choosing the multi‐purpose playing surface, one needs to take into account the types of sports that will be played and to what standard, levels of competition and frequency of use. The surface characteristics of the pitch will normally be dictated by the principal sports activity that will be played on the artificial surface.