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Gongrass’s Mainly Types of Sports Artificial Grass

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Gongrass’s Mainly Types of Sports Artificial Grass

  What are the types of artificial sports turfs?

Artificial sports turfs are mainly replaced natural grass all around the world. They have so many advantages like almost no maintenance and a long lifetime. As Gongrass Company, one of the best artificial sports turf manufacturers, we have a wide range of product types. Artificial grass is a very functional product as you can use it in sports fields, landscaping, and for many other purposes. Natural grass needs regular watering, fertilizing, trimming, and other maintenance. But artificial necessitates none of these.

On the other hand, artificial can endure all weather conditions. So artificial grass can last for many years even with very intense use. There are dark and light color types. The types are according to the differences of fibers as:

  • Color and shade,
  • Height,
  • Density,
  • General view.

The installation of all the types is the same.

  Artificial sports turf cost is more expensive than natural grass. But it is more profitable in the long run. Because you pay only once for installation, and then use it for many years with nearly no maintenance and without any defects. Even if you use it for 24 hours a day, it won’t get harmed. These features make artificial sports turf installation more beneficial in the long term.

  Mainly types of Gongras

1.Yarn shape

Mainly S, Diamond,Rectangle,D, Spine.


One color,A,B color or two colors.

3.With/no infill


PU backing or SBR.