Step by Step How to Install Synthetic Turf

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Step by Step How to Install Synthetic Turf

The most important issue about installing the turf is the surface. The surface should be plain. And also, it should be very clean. In order to place the synthetic turf properly, there should be no defect or any type of object on the ground. This way, you can install the turf correctly, and achieve the view of perfect natural grass.

The place is very important about installing artificial grass. You can use different methods according to the place. There are different methods while installing poolside, terrace, or sand. The key point will be the adhesive that you will use in order to plain the surface. When you are installing on the sand, you will need some surfacing materials. But when you are installing at a terrace or poolside, the surface will be plain and the only thing you need will be adhesive.

Before installing, we would like to make a final warning. Artificial turf is a carpet-like product that you can directly install on the ground. The most important issue will be the drainage. If you can’t make it effectively, your artificial turf will probably have a very short lifetime. There are also important issues to be careful about. So if you don’t have enough experience, we strongly recommend you to take professional assistance.

Now let’s see the steps:

  • The product will have the proper surfacing material with itself.
  • You can start installing after cleaning all the fields with a clean and wet rag.
  • You should apply the adhesive to the surface carefully.
  • After applying the adhesive, you should place the geotextile material to the ground.
  • Then you should lay the turf on the textile gently while caring for the draining channels or the permeable spots. You should cover all the ground with the turf.
  • After this, two or three persons should stretch the turf from opposite directions. This way you will have a maximum tense and perfect view.
  • If you install one stripe, the process will be accomplished. But if you are placing more than one, you should pay attention to laying them just side by side, not one on another.
  • Then you should trim the sides of the turf. This way you will have a perfect view.
  • And, you should paste the stripes with adhesive. At this point, stripes should not stay one on one in order to have a wonderful view.
  • Finally, you should make it rest for a while for the adhesive to dry. At this process, you will have a greater result if you place industrial paper tape at the joints where you apply the adhesive.