Why Laying Artificial Grass Can Help Your Allergies

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Why Laying Artificial Grass Can Help Your Allergies

Summer  is nearly here, and that means barbecues, countryside walks and a weekend at your favourite festival. However, if you’re one of the allergy sufferers, summer can be the most miserable time of the year. And with 95% of sufferers particularly susceptible to grass pollen, spending lazy summer afternoons and evenings in the garden can be a complete no-no.

Create an Artificial Lawn

Although your neighbours may still have swathes of real lawn and grass pollen by laying artificial grass you can help to minimise the problem in your own garden. In fact, synthetic putting green turf replacing a real lawn with tough, durable and beautiful synthetic lawn can have several benefits for your garden. Your artificial lawn won’t require watering, fertilising and mowing to keep it looking its best – in fact, it’ll stay beautiful even when your neighbour’s lawns are turning brown in the heat. Even better, it won’t release those irritating pollens. as a realistic alternative to spending the summer locked indoors.

But what about the neighbours? Their gardens may be pollen traps, but even when those pollens drift, you’ll still be able to keep them under control. Artificial grass won’t trap the pollens and can be easily hosed down to keep it fresh and clean.

Synthetic turf installation

If your only experience with artificial grass is some of the artificial turfs of the 1980s, then you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. As a synthetic turf products inc,our range of modern artificial lawns will make laying artificial grass a breeze, and they will look just as good as the real thing and are excellent for allergy sufferers. They are also ideal for pet owners and those with children.

Synthetic turf cost

There are many types of artificial grass available with a range of costs,from budget to luxury options.Maybe you think putting green turf costs a lot of money,but in the long run,it helps you save your bill.Once you lay it, you need no any other fees like mower cost and Irrigation cost.