Gongrass - Supply Good Grass Only

Overall solution for padel court


  1. Padel court of 20×10 m.
  2. Made with galvanized steel structure painted or covered with baked polyester epoxy resin according to the characteristics of the technical specifications.
  3. Electro welded mesh galvanized 50x50x4mm with delivery without projections inside.
  4. Frame unions with threaded rod, washers and rounded blind nuts in stainless steel.

Artificial grass

  1. GonGrass has developed a new range of artificial grassfor padel courts that favors a higher playing speed, is safer, more stable and more resistant.
  2. Gon padelturf guarantee maximum performance, safety, comfort and duration.


  1. Optional 10mm or 12mm tempered safety glass,mounted on 5 mm neoprene to reduce vibrations and breaks.


  1. Equipped with 200W stadium special LED lamps.
  2. Connection points for the lighting are integrated in the frame.


  1. Optionally, this track can integrate a portability ring, it does not require screws to anchor it to the ground.
  2. Ideal for events or to install it in an area where it is not possible to make holes.