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plastic track

EPDM Breathable Plastic Runway

The bottom of EPDM breathable plastic runway is the rubber particles mix single-component glue with mechanical spreading method.The surface uses the special coating machine to mix single glue and tiny EPDM particles on paved bottom surface.

This site is characterized by good flatness, good elasticity, high safety, low cost, small construction difficulty, easy to popularize, suitable for non-professional training, competition and school use.

Specification: 0.5-1.5mm, 0.5-2mm

Full PU System Synthetic Running Track

Full PU system synthetic running track is the EPDM particles mixing two component with mechanical spreading method. The bottom layer is totally two component PU. lt has outstanding anti-UV, excellent anti-aging property, and wear-resistance performance.

Specification: 3-5mm

EPDM Mixed Plastic Runway

Using the mixed structure approved by lAAF, the surface layer is the weather-resistant EPDM and environment-friendly color granule and the bottom layer is full PU mixed with some rubber particles. The construction process is simple and conforms to the international competition standard. Standard thickness is 13mm.

Specification: 3-5mm

EPDM Plastic Sports Ground

EPDM Plastic Sports Ground the rubber particles mix adhesive with mechanica spreading method,and the surface is the anti-skid layer of EPDM particles.

Specification: 1-2mm, 1-3mm