The Development Trend of Artificial Grass in the Past 15 years

 Market Overview Why the Growth? There are several factors contributing to the increased demand for synthetic turf, including significantly improved safety, playability, and appearance since its […]

Step by Step How to Install Synthetic Turf

The most important issue about installing the turf is the surface. The surface should be plain. And also, it should be very clean. In order to […]

Gon Constructed the Largest Youth Football Site Near Baisha Bay

  From year 2015, the Chinese government pay great importance to the development of football. Qingdao Baishawan football site is the largest youth football training base […]

Is FIFA Certification for A Product or for A Field?

  As we know, FIFA certificiation is the well-known standard for footbal turf. Is FIFA certification for a product or for a field? The answer is […]

Gongrass’s Mainly Types of Sports Artificial Grass

  What are the types of artificial sports turfs? Artificial sports turfs are mainly replaced natural grass all around the world. They have so many advantages […]

Gongrass Supplies High-density No-infull Pitch for A Dog Trainning Site in Japan

        Gongrass, as one of the largest synthetic turf producers, provides its flagship model, to a dog trainning site in Shizuoka, Japan. The […]

Newest Model That Suits Dogs Best Has Worked Out by Gongrass

  Why synthetic turf is a good idea for dog owners?     Digging: As every dog owner with a yard knows, dogs like to dig. […]

Star Model- D Shape Series Is Installed

Shape D series was launched to the market by Gongrass in November,2019. It is an improved version of diamond shape . As we know, diamond shape […]